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Remote Starters

You have come to the right place when looking for a remote car starter. Here at Aftermarket Effects we can help you decide which remote car starter is best suited for your needs. Todays vehicles are more sophisticated than they used to be so it takes a great deal of knowledge to make sure of a proper installation. We have over 50+ years combined experience in this field and take great pride insuring your remote starter was properly installed. We also install car security systems as well, and if you want both features we offer a remote starter alarm combo.

We have single button remotes for those who have keyless entry built into the vehicle's key or 4 button remotes that offer lock, unlock, trunk, and start. All of our 1 way remote starters have a range of 800 -1500 feet. Our 2 way systems achieve up to 3000 feet. Also available is Directed Electronics Smart Start, which enables you to start, lock, unlock, open the trunk, and even track your vehicle using your smartphone. Additional cost apply at the time of installation and it requires a yearly subscription. Click here for more details.

All of our remote starters come with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY and will NOT void your vehicle's factory warranty because of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. If your dealer tells you that a remote starter will void your warranty, please refer them to this article on the Federal Trade Comission website. So when deciding on a remote starter, Aftermarket Effects is the place for you! We also have gift certificates available, which make a perfect gift for your family member or loved one.

Remote Starter FAQ

Will An Aftermarket Remote Starter Void My Factory Warranty?

No it will not void your factory warranty due to the Magnuson-Moss Waranty Act. More info here

Can a Remote Starter Be Installed on A Manual Transmission?

Yes it can. There are solutions available that, when installed properly, can start your manual transmission vehicle safely and securely. Manual transmission vehicles need a whole new level of quality control and installation skill.

What Is A Transponder Key and How Does It Effect My Remote Car Starter Installation?

In the late 1990s some vehicle manufacturers started putting small RF transmitters (transponders) in their ignition keys. The purpose of a transponder is to verify that the key that is in the ignition is the real deal, and not a copy. If the transponder signal does not match what the vehicle is looking for, the vehicle simply will not start. This presents a problem for remote starter installations. Why? Because the key is not present when remote starting. In order to properly integrate a remote starter in a vehicle with a transponder key, an extra part called a “bypass” is needed. This “bypass” fools the vehicle into believing that the key is present and the RF signal is correct. Most vehicles need some type of bypass.

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